Traditional Drapery

Voluminous and Eternal

Custom Drapery Workroom, Inc. has been designing and creating luxury traditional drapery and bedding since 1998.

Hinsdale Luxury Traditional Drapery
Traditional Drapery Panels

Traditional Drapery Panels

A style that is ever present in luxury homes.

Luxury Drapery

The traditional style is filled with luxury, and the scope is extensive with multilayers. Some of the Workroom’s greatest drapery projects were for traditionally styled homes.

Luxury Traditional Drapery
Luxury Traditional Drapery From Custom Drapery Workroom

Everlasting Style

The dining room drapes designed and manufactured by the Workroom to last a lifetime.

Rich Fabrics

Traditionally styled drapery has a wide range of fitting fabric colors and prints allowing for unique and ambitious projects.

Elegant Blue Traditional Drapery

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